CSG / LNG Products

CSG / LNG Products

Upwey Valve & Engineering (UVE) are specialists in the design and manufacture of brine, slurry and tailings valves, suitable for harsh applications that are abrasive, erosive, corrosive and high pressure.

UVE products have applications in the CSG /LNG market, primarily in the RO & Brine processing/recovery/treatment plants. If you are considering other applications- Drop us a line, our engineering team is keen to help you with your application.

We are based in Melbourne, Australia & have experience in the manufacture of our products in SAF, Hastelloy and other grades of steels. Due to the combined characteristics of high performance and simplicity, our clients are able to ensure years of reliable service in a cost effective manner.

CSG/LNG Applicable Products

  • EZI-Vac- Air release and vacuum break valve
  • MAXI‐Check H- High pressure metal seated ball check valves
  • MAXI Check L- Low pressure ball check valve
  • PENTA Wedge- Severe service gate valve
  • SLURRY-TUFF Mining & Material transport hose

Custom fabrication

  • Launder Gates
  • Sluice gates
  • Slurry/Tailings valves in carbon, stainless steel & exotic steels
  • Fabrication of pipework in carbon, stainless steel & exotic steels
  • Pressure vessels

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Upwey Valve & Engineering specialists in slurry, tailings and dewatering valves

Upwey Valve & Engineering (UVE) are specialists in the manufacture of slurry, tailings and dewatering valves. We can help you with harsh applications that are abrasive, erosive, high pressure and corrosive. UVE services the mining, waste water, pulp and power generation industries to name a few. UVE is located in Melbourne, Australia and are ISO9001-2008 accredited UVE has it’s our own in-house machine shop and CAD design facility.